Renee Pellom
Assistant Executive DirectorAccreditation Team Visit Coordination12 –

Staff Person Responsibilities Extension/Email
Gary Puckett
Executive Director/President
Coordination of all Council Activities 21 –
Marcia Cox
Assistant Executive Director
Program Approval Coordination 23 –
Anita Lachhonna
Administrative Assistant
Assistant to Alex Wittig 16 –
Tami Maynard
Executive Assistant
COE Meeting Coordination 10 –
Cliff Owen
Billing/Accounts Receivable 14 –
Laura Page
Accreditation Specialist
Assistant to Alex Wittig 13 –
Caitlin Passino
Senior Secretary
Assistant to Schooler and Pellom 10 –
Sue Schooler
Associate Executive Director – Institutional Evaluation
Accreditation Team Visit Coordination 17 –
Cindy Sheldon
Associate Executive Director – Agency Operations
Agency Compliance, IT Supervision, Publications, Annual Report Coordination 19 –
Kay Smarr
Data Analyst
Assistant to Cindy Sheldon 15 –
Susan Winkler
Senior Secretary
Assistant to Alex Wittig 24 –
Alex Wittig
Associate Executive Director – Institutional Compliance
Candidate Team Visit Coordination
Substantive Change Approval and
Site Visit Coordination
18 –